Being Social

February 13, 2020


I use Instagram quite a lot to promote NeedlemindersUS and to interact with stitchers of all mediums. I often find myself in awe of the work that others share. There was a recent post where someone shared a photo of one of her late mom's needlepoints at a time that she was missing her a great deal. I had an immediate kinship with her as it was a canvas that my mother Hilda had also stitched many decades before.  It was large, a masterpiece in wool and velvet, completed in half cross stitch. 

I am inspired by the images shared by incredibly gifted members of the stitching community. It is also refreshing and exciting to see more and more younger people embracing and falling in love with needlepoint! To know that new generations of stitchers and designers will keep this art alive and thriving makes me very happy.

I recently posted that I have been stitching for 44 years and asked how long others have been stitching.  Several responses indicated nearly a lifetime of stitching. I can knot, sew, crochet and hot glue a few things, but the truth is that needlepoint is far more than a hobby, it is a passion. We create with needle, canvas and fibers. We have our own vision of how we would like to bring a canvas to life. We each see colors differently and feel the effects of various stitches differently. We create with love and imagination, we stitch to relax, distract, focus or escape. And we connect with fellow stitchers on a unique level filled with encouragement, admiration and support. 

Please follow me on Instagram @needlemindersus and I will follow you back. Please share your stitching, follow others and do just a little bit to keep our art and passion alive.