Strange Times

April 6, 2020


I could never have imagined a crisis of this magnitude affecting not just the U.S. but the entire world. I try not to overwatch news shows or read too many articles because I don't want anxiety and fear to take over. I am a person who looks forward. We cannot change the past, but we can do everything we can to move forward in a safe manner. 

The stitching community has been a wonderful respite for me as we all navigate life differently. Between Facebook groups and all of my stitching connections on Instagram, I feel more grounded. This is one time I can really thank social media for the ability to keep us as connected as we choose to be.

Being a small home based business, NeedlemindersUS is operating very much as we usually are, although we have had to shift focus here and there while some materials have been difficult to obtain. The upside to this has been an expansion of our offerings, including more design work and timely themes. 

I have been quite impressed by the dedication and continued hard work of many LNS. They are working tirelessly, alone in their closed shops to not only keep their businesses alive, but to provide a service to stitchers everywhere. Leveraging social media, we are able to see their new arrivals, trunk shows and be reassured they are only a phone call away. 

Through Instagram I have discovered many talented needlepoint designers, some only sell through their own websites or through Etsy shops. I would encourage you to give them a closer look and try to support their businesses if you can. 

Continue stitching, stay connected, share what you are working on and let others know when you need help. I recommend Instagram for following LNS and designers, and if you are on Facebook, browse the needlepoint groups to find those that catch your interest. There is so much inspiration to be found in others' work.

Let's stitch our way through this crisis and celebrate when it's over,