What's In A Name?

October 14, 2019


It may be a hard name to remember, or it might seem odd to most, but there is a reason for the name HildaBelleTreasures and it embodies the legacy of a special woman.

Hilda was my mom.  She was beautiful, funny, a great cook and baker, with a clever and creative mind. She and my dad travelled the world. They soaked up the sites, history, food and mom shopped. 

In the sixties she was sewing curtains for her home.  In the seventies and beyond she was stitching masterpiece needlepoints.  In the eighties she was knitting up a storm and making beautiful throw pillows that she sold at craft fairs. 

I've always had the same crafty itch. It is wonderful now to look back and recognize the many common threads. 

So I don't know if there ever was a person named HildaBelle.  Mom didn't have a middle name and in later years I started calling her HildaBelle just for fun.  She loved it.

Her needleworks were treasures. Her finds from all over the world were treasures. The perennials in her garden were treasures. Most importantly, as a 43 year survivor of breast cancer she was a treasure. My hero and inspiration, a warrior in pink, HildaBelle.